Generally we will come to the site, discuss the room design, measure the openings, and then design the windows. For out of town jobs, we will build off of measurements provided by the designer, however, it will be the responsibility of the designer to provide accurate measurements. In most cases, we do not remove an existing window — we will design the new replacement window to fit directly against the existing window, which not only lends support and insulation for the new window, it protects the integrity of the existing window.

We work from a photo of the image that you would like replicated. We generally ask for other pictures as well, to help us capture accurate coloring, etc. Replications and portraits start at 9”x12” and can be sized up from there, and generally include a standard black frame. Mosaics are usually mounted on clear glass to allow the beauty of the light to shine through.

Repairs will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Once the designs have been approved by the client, a 50% deposit, plus a non-refundable design fee of 15% of the invoice, will be due. The design fee will be deducted from the balance due at completion. The balance due, plus shipping (if applicable), and less the design fee, will be due prior to shipping or delivery. Installation charges are separate. Note: All drawings and designs remain the property of Glass House Art, LLC.